• Thor De Force

    Sounds Of The Mansion
    Ropeadope Records 2019

Sounds Of The Mansion out on CD & Digital

Sounds Of The Mansion is a cinematic musical excursion into an urban landscape of music, art and late night hangs. In the absence of vocals, the listener is free to travel the music by his or hers own imagination. Themes pop out of nowhere and the music is often developing in surprising ways, taking unexpected turns.

The album is rich in flavours and explores opposites like dense-spares, hard-soft and static-moving. There is a good deal of blues, funk, jazz, soul and electronica involved all though none of the 11 tracks can be said to fall in any specific genre.

Madsens guitar- and bass playing runs like a red thread thru the album. Backed by the subtle drumming of Abdullah S there is a great deal of attention to rhythm and swing. Sometimes in a straight forward funky fashion and at other times in more adventures ways.

“The album is my attempt to really do my own music, my own style, my own story. There is a little of everything I like in it. I have tried to create an open kind of music where all the things that inspire me can coexist and feed off each other, in a possibly vain attempt to reconcile everything I love”.

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Thor De Force is the solo project of guitarist and producer Thor Madsen. In 2008 Madsen adopted the name Thor De Force coined by the late, great writer John Farris, an important character around the club Nublu in East Village, NY. The debut EP Big City Abyss on Nublu Records from 2009 was a dancefloor oriented banger featuring TK Wonder on the track Not Invincible.

Following a handful of remixes for the Nublu label of Hess Is More and Calibro 35 among others, Thor De Force as a solo project was set on hold for a couple of years while Madsen was busy with Wazzabi, his duo with drummer Anders Hentze. The band released three albums with different guests. Na Farofa was recorded in Sao Paulo and featured up- and coming brazilian artists like Leo Cavalcanti and Iara Renno.

When Thor De Force returned in 2017 with the EP Sundays In September, the focus had shifted from straight EDM to a more organic sound bringing the guitar playing and a more dynamic approach into the picture.

This sound has been further developed on the upcoming Sounds Of The Mansion, the first full album from Thor De Force and also the first release on Ropeadope. As was the case for Sundays In September, Madsen teams up with singer and multi-instrumentalist Abdullah S, who laid down the drums on 8 of the 11 tracks.

Sundays In September
(PG Sounds 2017)

Big City Abyss
(Nublu Records 2009)

Hess Is More remix
(Nublu Records 2012)

Erocrime! remix
(Nublu Records 2011)




Photo & Video by Ridhima H. Hegde