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What I love about Thor de Force, nickname of Chicago born, Danish resident guitarist Thor Madsen, is how he mixes hip-hop roots with jazz through the lens of a masterful studio producer, in a completely unique way. There’s an highly crafted work in balancing each nuance, in blinking an eye to latest revival of big synths as well as to Curtis Mayfield, from electric jazz to catchy hip hop. Elegantly refined music, ‘world’ in a certain sense, like in his latest release The Build.”

Marcello Nardi – – Full review

The Build is a seriously cool record. It’s well produced, the right level of complex, engaging, and most of all, funky as hell. Its charms are destined to make an impact on nearly all who sample it, and it’s a damn fine uplift for these times of uncertainty. Thor De Force is indeed a force to be reckoned with, and the hypnotic effects of its ultra smooth sounds are long-lasting. We can only give thanks to Mr Thor Madsen and his band for sharing their immaculate talents, and for putting all of us less funky humans to shame. We’re not worthy.

Ashley Jacob – Everything Is Noise – Full review


Ropeadope recording artist Thor De Force needs no introduction – a master of acid-fusion and nu-funk with an infinite capacity to explore dissonances in intimate melodic structures. One of the most interesting compositional voices on the American scene, although he lives in Denmark.

Radio Ros Brera – Italy

I must say that this is some of most adventurous and inventive modern jazz I’d heard is awhile. I’ve chosen 5 cuts for airplay. Just great!

Russ Davis – Jazz America

Out here in the Utah desert, earth melts into water, heat melts into sky, and creatures melt into the sublime spaciousness of the land. Thor Madsen’s new album is a good match to this—sublime, elemental, deliberate, boundary-less. I played “The Gate” on my show the other day, and it was the perfect soundtrack to the shimmery heat of high noon.

Josie Kovash – KZMU Moab


Incredible soundscape textures going on! This has a grooving retro/funk/soul jazz fusion interesting vibe. It’s familiar and different at the same time. It’s that duality that drew me in.

Rob O. – Fan on Bandcamp

 Funk and fusion power for the 2020s! As a fan of Our Theory who has followed the other members, Turkish sax genius and impresario Ilhan Ersahin and French trumpet madman Erik Truffaz, I was thrilled to run across Thor Madsen’s work on the Ropeadope label on Bandcamp. Favorite track: Rug That Ties The Room.

xpatofthemind – Fan on Bandcamp

heard as a whole it´s suave enough to make the women stick around, and at the same time Open for Business when the big dogs come sniffing.

Michael Støvring about The Build