Thor De Force – Albums and EPs

Thor De Force releases on Ropeadope: The Build, Sounds Of The Mansion, Jazz Marley
Thor De Force Releases on Ropeadope

The Build • Jazz Marley • Sounds Of The Mansion • Sundays In September • Big City Abyss

Thor De Force is the solo project of guitarist and producer Thor Madsen. Since signing with Philadelphia based label Ropeadope Thor De Force has released two albums and a mini EP.

The Build

The Build (album) – Ropeadope 2020

The Build is a nu-funk future-jazz album released in 2020.

Armed with an arsenal of equipment Thor De Force creates a funk odyssey of 12 genre-bending tracks.

With Abdullah S, Stunn Gunn, Mads Michelsen, Lis Wessberg, Benjamin Kissi and Boe Larsen. Recorded, produced and mixed at Mazza Mansion studio.

The Build is a seriously cool record. It’s well produced, the right level of complex, engaging, and most of all, funky as hell. […] Thor De Force is indeed a force to be reckoned with, and the hypnotic effects of its ultra smooth sounds are long-lasting. We can only give thanks to Mr Thor Madsen and his band for sharing their immaculate talents, and for putting all of us less funky humans to shame. We’re not worthy.

Ashley Jacob – Everything Is Noise

Celebrating Bob Marley 75 Birthday

This mini EP Jazz Marley pays tribute to Bob Marley. Two legendary Marley songs in jazz trio versions released on Marley’s 75 birthday in 2020 – guitar, bass and drums, stripped to the bone – Thor Madsen, Jeppe Skovbakke & Jeppe Gram.

  1. Sun Is Shining
  2. Waiting In Vain

Jazz Marley (mini EP) – Ropeadope 2020

The Debut Album On Ropeadope

Sounds Of The Mansion from 2019 marks the first release on Ropeadope. On this first full album from Thor De Force, the new sound suggested on the EP Sundays In September has been fully developed – an eclectic mix of sounds and styles.

Abdullah S on drums and additional keys.

Sounds Of The Mansion (album) – Ropeadope 2020

What I love about Thor de Force […] is how he mixes hip-hop roots with jazz through the lens of a masterful studio producer, in a completely unique way.

Marcello Nardi,

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Previous Releases

The Return of Thor De Force

Thor De Force returned in 2017 with the EP Sundays In September. The release came after years of focusing on Wazzabi and other projects.

The focus had shifted from straight EDM to a more organic sound. Abdullah S on drums and additional keys. Released on PG Sounds.

Thor De Force - Sundays In September - album cover
Sundays In September (EP) – PG Sounds 2017

The Debut On Nublu Records

The debut EP Big City Abyss on Nublu Records from 2009 was EDM oriented and featured now-fashion ikon TK Wonder on the track Not Invincible.

Thor has produced and played on several other releases for Nublu Records. Read more on

Thor De Force - Big City Abyss - album cover
Big City Abyss (EP) – Nublu Records 2009