About Thor De Force

Thor De Force at Nublu 151. Photo by Rihima Hegde
Thor De Force at Nublu 151 - Photo by Rihima Hegde

By Louis Marks, CEO of Ropeadope Records. Philadelphia 2020.

Thor Madsen was born in Chicago; his parents had arrived at a hot moment (1968) and they fully took up the spirit of the time. Before they headed back to their native Denmark, where Thor would be raised, they picked up a great vinyl collection; Santana to Deep Purple, Hendrix, Dylan, Sly and Procol Harum among the titles.

Growing up Thor followed in his brother’s footsteps and learned guitar, heading across the street to the local arts and community center where he had full access to rehearsal rooms, instruments, and amps. One day his brother handed him a copy of We Want Miles, and everything changed. He was hooked, and began the process of understanding Jazz through reverse engineering.

Thor went on to what is known as a rhythmic conservatory in his home town, catching a wide variety of shows at night and digging into new music. He put together an acid Jazz band, influenced by the likes of Guru, Us3, and Digable Planets and soon received offers to perform. Thor pulled together as much as he could while in his small town, but he had it in his head to get to New York for even broader horizons.

Soon he was on the scene, mixing and performing with cats at Izzy Bar and later Nublu. He was part of the Hip-Hop collective Real Live Show with Dionysus, Stimulus, Eric Revis, James Hurt, and Dana Murray. As Nublu became a hub his focus shifted to the space between Jazz and Electronica, as he toured with The Nublu Orchestra, Wax Poetic, and Our Theory. Somewhere in this whirlwind he picked up his new moniker, Thor De Force, as personally described by writer John Farris.

Thor De Force performing at Nublu 151. Thor Madsen, Jochen Rueckert, Jonathan Maron and Avi Bortnick (outside picture). Photo by Ridhima Hegde.
Thor De Force performing at Nublu 151. Thor Madsen, Jonathan Maron, Avi Bortnick and Jochen Rueckert (outside picture). Photo by Ridhima Hegde.